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Welcome to AntEco Pest Control

Who We Are

AntEco Pest Control is a full service Pest Management firm which also provides Wildlife Management services to homes & businesses in the metro Detroit area. We started as Dean's Wild Animal control Inc in Westland Mi. in 1989 and have evolved into the company we are today.

The AntEco name came to be, to better represent the direction we are aiming for. AntEco came up by taking the number one destructive pest world wide (the ant) and combining it with the word Eco or Ecological because of our commitment to making pest control more environmentally friendly. We strive for innovative ways to handle pest & wildlife conflicts by more than just spraying harsh chemicals. We are
IPM certified and provide prevention and repair solutions to help eliminate pest not just suppress them.

Services We Provide Include...

Pest entry inspections

Wildlife trapping

Vent Guards & Screening
Minor Home Repairs

Mole removal

Bird Proofing
Attic Insulation removal and/or Adding more

All a Part of an IPM program.



Main Office
33200 Schoolcraft Rd
Livonia, MI 48150

Toll Free 877-268-3220

Bloomfield & Oakland Co West of Woodward

Livonia and West Suburbs.

Ann Arbor & Wastenaw

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Members of National Pest Management Association

Members of Michigan Pest Management Association

Members of National Wildlife control operators association.

Members of Michigan Animal Damage Control Association




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